Playing With Fire – by Von Wong

Sollte man keinesfalls einfach so nachmachen. Nein, nein, nein! 
„Here is the first episode of a creative photoshoot (involving fire stunts) by the very talented Von Wong. I had the chance to be part of this very unique experience. Here is a short BTS video, hope you enjoy it.“

Benjamin Von Wong: „I am a dreamer. Dreams drive me, inspire me and push me to challenge the impossible in creating unique compelling artwork. I am an artist. From dreams to concepts, onto plans and preparations, ending with shooting and editing, every bit is done with passion and enthusiasm for the pure love of it. The job is never done until it’s done. I am a professional. Equipped and experienced to perform and deliver above expectations.“

How Von Wong lights a man on fire in the sake of art! from LightExploring on Vimeo.

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