„Wisdom for my Children“ X Photography by Brandon Kidwell

Wir erinnern uns an Apples „Shot on iPhone 6 – Apples World Gallery Of Shots With iPhone 6“, die wir euch neulich vorgestellt hatten. Diese Doppelbelichtungen des amerikanischen Fotografen Brandon Kidwell, sollten unbedingt dazugehören, denn diese Fotografien aus der Fotoserie „Wisdom for my Children“ stammen ebenfalls aus einem iPhone.

Kidwell’s style of double exposure portrait work is one of his more sought-after series. The look of those pieces feel like they are from memories that you never experienced, but can still relate to. His work is definitely on the rise, and I look forward to seeing more from my friend, and talented artist.

Wisdom for my children2

Wisdom for my children3

Wisdom for my children4

Wisdom for my children5
(via) // all images © Brandon Kidwell

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